Sunday Meeting for Worship

IMG 0708 looking in from back

In prayer, the seeds of concern have a way of appearing...But this seed is given us to follow, and if we do not follow it, we cannot expect to see what may grow from it. Seeds, not fruit, are given in prayer, but they are given for planting. 
-Douglas Steere, Dimensions of Prayer (1962), p. 97.

Meeting for Worship is every Sunday at 10:00am

We are located at:

20 E. Jacoby Street
PA 19401

There is parking available on the site and also on the street. 

Currently due to COVID-19, we meet outside in the front yard. Please wear a mask when you attend. 

You can expect a warm welcome and a friendly group of people gathering to worship and learn more about God. You are invited to join our Meeting for Worship from 10am to 11am. After Worship, we gather for fellowship to share news and greet newcomers. 

If you have questions about our Sunday Service or any other inquiry, please Contact Us for more information.